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Guided Beach Walk

Join us for an informative and fun look at local marine life in the waters surrounding Amelia Island.  We will learn about  sea turtles, dolphins, whales, manatees, sea shells, fossils and more.  Did you know humans can use echo location, just like dolphins and bats?  Come hear about Ocearch, shark researchers located here in Northeast Florida. Together, we will follow the Wrack line on the beach discovering shells, fossils and the natural history of our island.  Perfect for families.  This tour is best enjoyed at low tide.  Check local tides here.

Tour departs from

Main Beach - Amelia Island

Tour distance:  1/2 mile 

Tour time: 1.5 hours

$18.00 pp. Reservations required

(904) 477-8900



Amelia Islnd Beach Walk

Contact Us  (904) 477-8900

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