Me & my shell art created for:
"The Beach Lady of American Beach"
My adopted father and I - 1965

I love a good story and I am passionate about sharing one too.  Stories about family especially interest me. Very few of us know much about our great grandparents and their grandparents. Helping people discover and record stories about their heritage has blossomed into a career for me.

As an adopted person, I knew nothing of my heritage.  After 55 years of wondering, I embarked on a journey to discover my past.  Through DNA and lots of research, I found my biological family.  I was able trace my roots back 10 generations. Missing from all this newly discovered history were personal stories about my family.  

Stories provide us with a since of community and belonging.  Stories link us to our past, present and to our future. I would love to know more about my biological family.   Growing up, I was always drawn to the ocean and that led me to study marine science.  Discovering my ancestral past help me to understand my deep connection to the sea.  I descended from many generations of maritime captains off the coast of Maine.  

Through many difficult times in my life, including a battle with cancer, I turned to nature for comfort.  I learned to appreciate the many healing gifts mother nature provides.  Many people have discovered ways to heal through nature, I want to share their stories too. Also, I work to raise awareness in our community as a volunteer for Wild Amelia, a local non profit dedicated to environmental education.

My clients trust me to capture personal stories and preserve them for future generations.  By combining my love for art, history, nature and research, I offer a unique set of skills enabling me to capture a story and share it well.        

History is the tapestry of life woven out of nature.  Share your story for future generations to know.
Lauri deGaris

Listen to the frog chorus performing in my neighbor's pond.

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